We are a family owned business born out of the desire to bring great Ethiopian cuisine to many markets of Seattle that currently rarely get access to it. Meeraf Sinton originally from Addis Abiba, Ethiopia is a long time Ethiopian cook who combines the cooking styles of a number of Ethiopian regions in her food. Her husband Jonathan Sinton, originally from Dublin, Ireland worked previously in sales, and helped Meeraf launch Geni’s Ethiopian to fulfill a long term desire of bringing Ethiopian food and culture to those who have never tried it before.

As Seattle residents, we noticed that many of the workers in corporate offices in Seattle and residents of upscale neighborhoods had limited access to Ethiopian restaurants that are clustered in just a few neighborhoods in Seattle. We also felt that our personal dedication to higher quality ingredients like cooking with Non-GMO oil, using higher quality fresh ingredients and spending the extra hours necessary to slow cook authentic Ethiopian dishes would produce better food, closer to Ethiopian home cooking.

As a sophisticated market, Seattle diners are picky about where they choose to eat and they demand quality food. Many people also now work demanding jobs in the tech field and increasingly need meals delivered to their offices for lunch.  As we’ve delivered and served lunches at companies around Seattle including Microsoft, Expedia, Zillow, Redfin and Qualtrics it’s been very fulfilling to see the positive feedback flood in and so many people discovering Ethiopian food for the first time.